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The normal Saturday class was cancelled so members could attend the Woodturning and More Picnic at Don Russell's house in Oxford, Georgia.  The weather was great and approximately 175 people attended.  I personally saw at least 25 GWA members while I was there.  Those who attended were able to watch several demonstrations covering a number of different woodworking specialties.  There were also several vendors selling wood (some at great prices) and a number of people selling new and used tools.  Everyone also enjoyed the lunch, home-made ice cream and raffle!  See you next year.

WOW!  What a day.  After s short class, about 30 people stayed after to help with Toy Day.  Half went into the break room where they packaged, labeled and boxed about 350 toys which had already been completed before the day even started.  The other half stayed in the class room which had been converted into a workshop.  We had members running 5 scroll saws, a band saw, a drill press, 2 sanders and 2 Dremel tools. We also had members attaching wheels, hand sanding and applying finishes.  I'm guessing that we completed another 150-200 toys.  This was definitely the most concerted GWA group project in recent history.  Thanks to all who have completed toys, who participate in Toy Day and who have made contributions to this project.


Don Russell discussed and demoed the process he uses to make polychromatic hurricane lamps and confetti lamps.  He had a number of examples to help demonstrate the types of patterns you can build into one of these projects. Discussion topics included glue, the cutting process, the glue-up process and the turning process. Don’s demo attracted a full house and he kept everyone’s attention until after 10:00.


We had a full house for the June 18 presentation!  Hans Meier and Karl Taylor described the process they use to make these unique scroll saw projects that include both wood and fabric.  Topics included the selection of wood, glue, saw blade and fabric.  Karl and Hans both described the process they follow to make one of these projects and special considerations for completing the framing process.  They also provided several examples which were quite interesting and showed some great craftsmanship.


George North discussed the differences between Intarsia and Segmentation.  He talked aout cutting the pieces, sanding and shaping, gluing and finishing.  George concluded by giving interested members a Dolphin intarsia kit that they can complete.


Steve Mellott started this class by displaying 9 different ornaments he had turned the week before.  The overall process was inspired by the Ron Brown "Fancy Christmas Ornament" DVD.  The 9 ornaments included several outlined in the DVD, several inspired by a previous Ted Baldwin presentation, 1 with a scroll sawed side, and several of Steve's original design.  He discussed the construction techniques of each and concluded the demo by showing how to shape and hollow out an ornament globe.

On May 21, GWA members met at Rob Austin's new 1800 square foot workshop in Lawrenceville.  During this meeting, Rob and Bob Brokaw review the overall construction process of this impressive shop. They also commented on the individual systems within the shop - the dust collection, electrical, compressed air, etc. This has to be the only shop with a large flat screen TV and a hot tub.


In May 23 Jimmy Clewes conducted a 2 part program for GWA members. During the day, 7 members participated in a hands-on workshop making lidded boxes and covered bowls. During the evening session, Jimmy demonstrated a clam shell box and a long stem goblet. Jimmy literally tours the entire world to demonstrate the art of woodturning. His skill, wit and ability to relate to the audience were very impressive!

Saturday's shop tours focused on the Duluth area.  While all 3 shops were quite different, they were all very interesting.  Mickey Hudspeth's shop is always interesting to tour.  With all his home made stationary tools, the handmade wooden clock (with wooden gears) and his chip carved boxes; you could spend hours in his shop.  Jane Burke has to have the most impressive floor in any shop I've ever visited.  Having previously worked in the flooring business, Jane saved enough wood (fancy wood) to make a floor that would fit into any high end home.  It was also great to see all the tools she has set up to make her exquisite ring boxes.  Gerry Jones has squeezed more tools into a one car garage than anyone else I know.  He also has a great slat wall storage system for parts and small tools.  Thanks to Mickey, Jane and Gerry for opening their shops to us!

In this class, Karl Taylor discussed the program (Corel Draw) he uses to prepare scroll saw patterns.  Rob Austin then described the various programs he uses.  Both demonstrated their pattern making techniques and then Rob reviewed a number of patterns he had created as well as a number of portraits he has cut.  These techniques are great if you can't find a pattern on the internet (e.g a relative, pet, home, etc.) 

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